PMAFLEX Conduits VCS - flexible, heavy

PMAFLEX VCS heavy conduit is characterized by high impact resistance at low temperatures and good weather resistance. These conduits find their application primarily in railway vehicle undercarriages, but are also well-suited to static applications in general construction of machinery or installations.


Temperature range: -58°F to +221°F (-50 °C to +105 °C), or a short time up to +302°F (+150°C)

Chemical resistance: fuels, mineral oils, fats, alkalis, weak acids and bases etc.

Features: specially modified PA6 (polyamide 6)for cold impact, excellent mechanical properties also at low temperatures, self-extinguishing, halogen-free and cadmium-free

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Picture of Conduit 16mm Grey Pack 25m Conduit 16mm Grey Pack 25m
£78.61 excl vat
Picture of Conduit 20mm Grey Pack 25m Conduit 20mm Grey Pack 25m
£135.60 excl vat
Picture of Conduit 50mm Grey Pack 10m Conduit 50mm Grey Pack 10m
£184.76 excl vat
Picture of VCSG-17S.10 Conduit 20mm Grey Pack 10m
£123.60 excl vat
Picture of VCSG-17S.50 Conduit 20mm Grey Pack 50m
£245.68 excl vat
Picture of VCSG-23S.25 Conduit 25mm Grey Pack 25m
£221.92 excl vat
Picture of VCSG-23S.50 Conduit 25mm Grey Pack 50m
£414.59 excl vat
Picture of VCSG-29S.25 Conduit 32mm Grey Pack 25m
£266.89 excl vat