Tubes, connectors, system supports, and accessories

  • Wide range of tubes
  • Long service life of the tubes, especially through millions of reverse bending cycles
  • UL-recognized products available
  • Outstanding tear-out resistance
  • PMAFIX safety locking system

PMA protective hoses can be used to provide flexible protection for electrical wires and cables. They also provide outstanding protection for cables inside cable carriers. Simple applications include mechanical- and automotive-engineering systems. Advanced applications range from chemical plant technology with temperatures ranging between -200°F and 482°F, to robots that undergo several million cycles at high speeds. PMA protective tubes are subjected to extensive testing, including resistance to self extinguishing, impact, reverse bending fatigue, peak load, heat aging, cold wind, and tear-out resistance


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Picture of 514-M12 Plug M12 Grey IP54
£0.60 excl vat
Picture of ALND-M253 Connector Straight M25 25mm Black IP66
£30.13 excl vat
Picture of ALND-M406 Connector Straight M40 40mm Black IP66
£95.20 excl vat
Picture of BFH-07-0 One-Piece Support Clip M10 Black
£0.79 excl vat
Picture of BFH-10-0 One-Piece Support Clip M12 Black
£0.82 excl vat
Picture of BFH-12-0 One-Piece Support Clip M16 Black
£0.82 excl vat
Picture of BFH-17-0 One-Piece Support Clip M20 Black
£9.07 excl vat
Picture of BFH-23-0 One-Piece Support Clip M25 Black
£18.72 excl vat
Picture of BFH-48-0 One-Piece Support Clip M50 Black
£41.83 excl vat
Picture of BFIL-P090 Adaptor, Female Thread Machine/Railway M21 PG9 Black IP67
£4.62 excl vat
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