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Aico Hard of Hearing Strobe Fire Alarm with vibration pad and RadioLINK interconnection

An Aico RadioLINK-enabled visual/tactile alarm designed for deaf and hard-of-hearing users who may be unable to hear a conventional auditory sounder. This alarm kit includes a high-intensity strobe light with a specially designed wide-angle lens, and it supports input from and output to other accessories via two auxiliary sockets, such as vibration discs, auto-diallers and alarm clocks.

This kit also includes a vibration disc to be placed underneath the user's pillow at night. When the alarm system is activated the disc will vibrate, providing a tactile warning of fire. Perfect for deep sleepers.

The alarm does not contain a sensor and so requires a connection to an Aico RadioLINK-enabled smoke/heat detector. The Ei170RF system is mains-powered and incorporates a rechargeable backup battery in the event of mains failure.

The Aico Ei170RF is a RadioLINK alarm system designed to give warning to the deaf and hard of hearing on receipt of an alarm or test signal. It consists of a control box with integral strobe and a plug-in vibration pad.
·         Supply Voltage: 230V AC, 50Hz Transformer supplied with device
·         Battery back-up: Sealed Rechargeable lead acid battery
·         Power-On Indicator: Continuous Green LED when mains connected
·         Amber light flashes every 4 seconds when mains is absent
·         Alarm Indicators: Xenon tube strobe (1.5 Hz)
·         Red LED flashes every second The vibration pad, in alarm, has an on-off 2 second cycle
·         Fault Indicator: Amber LED flashes every 4 seconds when a fault is detected or battery is low
·         RF Indicator: Blue LED on to indicate RF transmission
·         Auxiliary Output 1: Provides 12V DC /180mA in alarm
·         Auxiliary Output 2: Provides 12V DC /20mA in alarm
·         Visual RF transmission and power indicators
·         Unique House-Coding
·         Auxiliary sockets for connection of additional devices
·         Alarm Clock Input: 5-24V (AC or Mains isolated DC) 3.5mm mono jack socket
·         Test Button: Tests strobe, vibration pad, panel and all connected RadioLINK smoke alarms and accessories
·         Temperature Range: 0°C to 40°C
·         Humidity Range: 15% to 95% Relative Humidity – non condensing
·         Frequency: 868MHz band (1% duty cycle)
·         Rechargeable battery back-up
·         Interconnect: Up to 12 interconnected RadioLINK smoke/heat alarms and accessories (Ei3100RF, Ei3105RF, Ei3103RF, Ei405, Ei405TY, Ei168RC, Ei410, Ei411H. Ei428, Ei407,Ei174, Ei178)
·         Accessories: Ei178 Auxiliary Strobe Light Ei174 Auxiliary Vibration Pad.
·         Fixing: Wall or surface mounting screw fixings supplied
·         Plastic material: UL94VO flame retardant
·         Warranty: 5 year (limited) warranty
·         Low battery power warning
·         Approvals: BS 415:1990 electrical safety, CE Marked

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Aico Alarm Hard Of Hearing
Manufacturer: Aico
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