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An attractive, thermoplastic, point of use product offering remarkable versatility, Streamline comes in two sizes, each with two ratings. It is available as a complete oversink unit with spout or an undersink unit to be used in conjunction with Heatrae Sadia's open vented tap range. Choice of 7 or 10 litre capacities. White case with grey spout and flow control. Compact, low profile. 1kW or 3kW rating. Choice of 15 vented taps, spouts and mixers. Easy access for maintenance. Externally adjustable thermostat from 5°C to 90°C. 5°C to 70°C temperature lock for hand-wash applications. Dry start cut-out. Anti-frost protection. Long-life alloy sheathed element. Two year guarantee with on-site service support

  • Streamline Range
  • Undersink
  • 10ltr
  • 3kW


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Streamline 10lt 3kw Undersink Heater Only
SKU: 95010286
Manufacturer: Heatrae Sadia
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