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Offers detection of both smoke and carbon monoxide in a single alarm.
Its sensors interact to distinguish between non-harmful cooking fumes or steam and real fires, therefore reducing nuisance alarms and making this alarm ideal for the kitchen.

  • Intelligent multi-technologies alarm - for combined protection and fewer nuisance alarms
  • Fewer nuisance alarms - compared to standard smoke alarms placed in or near kitchens
  • Sealed-in 10-year lithium battery - lasts the full life of the alarm and never needs replacing
  • Alarm memory - rapid ashing LED alerts you if the alarm has sounded since it was last tested or re-set
  • Hush Button Feature - allows you to quickly silence nuisance alarms
  • Test button and LED - allows simple veri cation of continual battery and alarm operation
  • End of Life Warning - chirps when the alarm has reached end of life and needs replacing
  • Optical Sensor Technology
  • Loud 85 decibel alarm
  • Single screw mounting bracket - quicker and easier to install
  • 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee 

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Kidde Home Protect Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm
Manufacturer: Kidde
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Now: £27.03 excl vat