PMA AG has been developing, producing and selling top-quality cable protection systems since 1975. Our high-quality Swiss products have rapidly earned us an excellent reputation worldwide and established us as the market leader. Our range of more than 6,500 products gives customers the protection they need in railway, mechanical engineering and shipbuilding applications worldwide. PMA products are also the solution of choice in automation, building installations and other projects where power and data cables require dependable protection.

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Picture of VOHD-12B.50
Conduit Flex 16mm Black 50 metres

£187.92 excl vat


Picture of VOHD-12S.50
Conduit Flex 16mm Grey 50 Metres

£187.92 excl vat


Picture of VOHG-17B.10
Conduit Flex 20mm Black 10 Metres

£75.46 excl vat


Picture of VOHG-17B.25
Conduit Flex 20mm 25 Metres

£179.88 excl vat


Picture of VOHG-23B.10
Conduit Flex 25mm Black 10 Metres

£116.99 excl vat


Picture of VOHG-23B.25
Conduit Flex 25mm Black 25 Metres

£279.32 excl vat

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